Vegans in Petersfield

Petersfield is pretty close to home for me. Me and Dillon both like an adventure as often as possible, so we’re often finding the cheapest train ride out of Portsmouth. I spend most of my time in my hometown, so it’s a necessity for me to venture out before I go stir crazy. Of course, my adventures are started with checking out the top vegan spots around the area to satisfy my need for good vegan food.

Petersfield has a small, intimate town centre that’s definitely worth a mooch around. First vegan spot is The Bran Hub, an impressive health food shop with a great selection of vegan goods and your hearts desire of vegan cheeses. I’m a big fan of health food shops, I spend far too much time in them, including on this occasion.

Ok. So once you’ve got your snacks and vegan cheeses. Head down towards Petersfield heath, picking up organic veggies on the way and lunch of course. The Natural Apothecary is my favourite café in Petersfield. It’s not a vegetarian café, but it focuses in healthy, nutritious food and provides vegan options. I don’t wish to be a stereotypical salad eating vegan, but these salads are crafted beautifully with amazing flavour combos, alongside their basil tofu vegan option. It’s very hard to say what my favourite salad selection is here, but the broccoli is especially gorgeous, along with the beetroot and mint rice – go try it! Follow the salad with one of their homemade smoothies or juices for a super healthy meal. They even have vegan cake 😉

The Natural Apothecary is my go to in Petersfield since it doesn’t fail on flavour and is most convenient. A little further afield is The Beech Café, a fully vegetarian café. I’ve heard this has a great selection of food, unfortunately for me, it’s pretty far from any train station. Though if you’re heading round Petersfield in a car, do check it out and tell us about it!


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