London Vegan Food Crawl

Taking a trip to London is unjustified if you don’t make sure you fill your gut with the amazing variety of culinary delights of the foodie capital.  London probably has the largest array of vegan food in the country, so as you can imagine coming from the not so vegan-friendly Portsmouth, me and Dillon were a tad overwhelmed with the food possibilities that could easily stretch our bellies and bank accounts. Yet, we filtered down some must-eat-at’s to share with you. Vegan or not, these food places serve up delicious, innovative food worth tasting.


(Top left: POD Top right: Norman’s Coach & Horses Bottom: Warner Bros Studios )


We made it to London after a cramped National Express coach journey (lets face it – who has the funds for the train anymore.) Hungry as ever, we hunted for the newly opened Pod, since they were offering free lunch! I’m not going to say no to free good food. Apparently there are tones dotted around London, which are worth visiting for a munch on the go. Their easy vegan/allergen labelling system is a win, especially when you have a massive queue behind you waiting for their free lunch too. Dillon taking Pod tabbouleh and I the Pod slaw & avocado. Half decent vegan selection, definitely could do with some expanding!

Next food stop, Norman’s Coach and Horses. After standing in the pub awkwardly looking for menus, it turns out the restaurant stairs behind the bar, so save yourself the confusion and ask the bar man to show you to the vegan/veggie food. Of course, we ordered our first ever tofush and chips, being the typical English people we are. Not the healthiest or nutritious of meals, but it’s food to keep my soul happy and my curiosity quenched.

Prioritising food once again, we attempted to rush to Watford for our Harry Potter studio tour, yet boarded the wrong train. One hour late, we waited redundantly for our shuttle bus to the studios that never came. Apparently we missed them all, but a lovely bus driver restored my faith in humans, and gave us a free lift to the studios.
The magical experience of the studios is perfect with a Butterbeer in hand. Fear not vegan Potter fans, the butterbeer is vegan without the creamy topping!

(Top left: SaladPride Top right: Ms Cupcake Bottom: Vegbar)


Day two of the London food crawl started with a visit to Neal’s Yard, where Saladpride sits. Their minimalist but gorgeous menu is filled with healthy vegan options, served to your table looking better than imagined. I got myself hazelnut spread, apple and coconut yoghurt on probably the best gluten free bread I’ve tasted – mainly because i’m addicted to coconut yoghurt. For a feel good meal, rustic asthetics and a sweet-ass Instagram photo, head here when in LDN.

Fellow vegans have probably heard of the notorious baker Ms Cupcake before. Based in Brixton, we found ourselves heading towards the not quite as healthy vegan treats (at least they don’t have all those saturated fats and cholesterol, plus are totally cruelty free. Win.) Munching on our gooey asf cookies, we visited Bowie’s Brixton memorial – I wish he was around to share my vegan yums. RIP.

Maybe you’re getting bored of me talking about food? This is the last one I promise. Last but no means least, in fact I left the best till last. Vegan junk food Vegbar is a winner for our London weekend serving up some damn good meat-substitutes. Yes, that is a another Tofish and chips you spy there. There was no way I could surpass the opportunity to compare Norman’s and Vegbar’s take on the famous English dish. Meanwhile, Dillon had a vegan Big Mac; the height of health. We both agree it was the best possible way to finish off the food crawl. Mhm.

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