Blueberry & Lime Chia Jam

If you watched our How To: Raw Chia Jam video, or checked out the post, then you’ll know how easy it is. Hopefully you tried it out if you haven’t made chia jam before. Not only is it easy and quicker than regular jam, but it’s healthier with considerably less sugar (and can even be sugar free!) Chia jams are extremely versatile, all you need is your imagination and our simple base recipe, which you can find in our original post, or use the Blueberry & Lime jam recipe below, though before you go off on your own tangent, try out this gorgeous recipe. The citrus and sweet, juicy blueberries combine beautifully together for something zingy.

We ate the majority of this jam by smothering on vegan scones, but also is fab for parfaits and toast! Since blueberry season is approaching, we thought you’d enjoy this simple staple recipe that will jazz up your breakfast or Easter dessert.

Let us know how you like the jam. Would be great to know if you love it as much as us! Can’t recommend these gorgeous flavours enough!

Blueberry & Lime Chia Jam
Prep time
Total time
With blueberry season approaching, here's our delicious, simple and healthy Blueberry & Lime chia seed jam. The zingy citrus twists and sweet blueberries are perfect for jazzing up your brekkie
Recipe type: Sweet, Condiment
Cuisine: Vegan, Gluten-free, Healthy
  • 1 Cup blueberries
  • 1 Tbsp chia seeds
  • 1 Tbsp Agave
  • Juice & zest of one lime
  1. Simply add all the ingredients to a bowl and mash (or put in a blender for a less chunky jam)
  2. Refrigerate for 1 hour until thickened. Sit and add to an airtight jar
  3. Use within 7 days and keep refrigerated


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