Vitamix Giveaway!

As you’ve probably guessed from the title, I’ve got some exciting news! I’m super hyped to announce that I will be holding a Vitamix Giveaway – yeh, that notorious high performance blending technology company. Vitamix products have an amazing reputation for a reason. The highlights and fine details of the products outshine the competitors easily. Despite having used many blenders and food processor in my life, the Vitamix was a clear win in my opinion. Now you have a chance to win a Vitamix Professional Series 750 for FREE! Read on to learn how!

If you are a regular reader, you might have noticed I have been working on recipes in collaboration with Vitamix. Just over two months ago, a Vitamix Professional Series 750 arrived at my door step. After jumping around like a small child that was just told they’re going to Disney land, I plugged in the machine and blended up whatever I had closest to me (since the Vitamix can blend pretty much any food, it didn’t matter!) I was genuinely scared with the power of this machine. As I built up to the 10th setting, my hand was vibrating on the top of the machine and I had no doubt that whatever I had put in the blender the was now creamiest cream I had ever made. Of course the product is amazing at blending, but it also has many other settings and qualities that puts it above the average blender.

To show you how versatile the Vitamix is, I have been getting creative with sweet and savoury plant-based products. Why not check out these recipes to get ideas flowing! Like the sound of this beautifully creamy Low-Cab Pumpkin Lasagne? Or satisfied your sweet tooth with my Caramel Apple Milkshake? There’s more to come too!

So… I hear you want to get your hands on a Vitamix? A Vitamix Professional Series 750 to be precise? Well The Hungry Herbivores & Vitamix have kindly created that opportunity for you! When your wallets/purses have been abused and your bank account is feeling a little sorry for itself post-Christmas period, what better way to remedy that than a FREE gift worth over £500?!
Enter The Hungry Herbivores Vitamix Giveaway for your chance to win this kitchen essential! You got to be in it to win it! For a chance to win the Professional Series 750, which I have been using in my very own recipes, head over to The Hungry Herbivores Instagram page, follow me, Vitamix and Tag a friend in the comments of the Giveaway Post, along with a recipe you would be eager to try with your new Vitamix! Simple.

Please note: This Giveaway is exclusive to UK & USA residents & contestants MUST be over 18 ! Sorry to those of you who don’t live in either or are under 18 – stay awesome!

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6 comments on “Vitamix Giveaway!

  1. Awesome! I entered on IG 🙂

    • Brilliant! Best of luck x

  2. Wow this looks amazing.

  3. Wow! I would love to win this wicked Vitamix! I have seen a recipe for Cranberry Nut Bread which looks very yummy and would love to try! Such a lovely competition, thank you very much! I have entered on Instagram and tagged my friend 🙂 Happy New Year to you all, lets hope the New Year is one to have a ball!

  4. Hi! Is this still available? When does the giveaway end?

    • I’m afraid the Giveaway has ended. Keep an eye out for other giveaways though!!

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