Snackurz Review | Vegan Burd, Glasgow

Before we set off from Kilin to Glasgow, I had done some serious investigation into the HUUUGE variety of vegan food spots in the city. I can’t say that the Scottish highlands catered fabulously for the vegans I’m afraid. The diet in the highlands seems to be 90% meat 10% potatoes, so that’s 100% potato for the vegans. It’s hardly surprising then that I was extremely excited for the prospect of vast vegan option. One of my online discoveries was Vegan Burd. She has a great range of copycat veganized chocolate treats for Rollaz to Mucnherz and the one that took my fancy: Snackurz. Being a PB lover, how could I resist.

First off, I loved the jazzy packaging and knock off Snickers name. I was already convinced before biting into the chunky bar that it would taste better than a non-vegan snickers, and I was no disappointed. Perfect thick chunk of peanut butter filling, topped with peanuts, tasty caramel and a coating of dark chocolate – all in one bite. Nom.

I eat terribly quickly, which becomes even worse when the food is utter delicious. But, just to show you guys, I managed to stop myself from chowing it all down in a matter of seconds to get a snap of the inside. Could do with another one…

This PB caramel-y goodness is a most-eat if you find yourself in Glasgow or even as a gift set for a chocoholic like me!

These bars are available around Glasgow in various shops, I managed to pick me and Dillon one up in Rose & Grant’s – a great place for a delicious vegan munch up. Yet, if you’re not planning a trip to Scotland anytime soon, fear not, Vegan Burd has an Etsy page you can get the Snackurz bar from, along with many other vegan chocolate goodness. I love to support independent, vegan business’, especially ones that resonate so close to my heart (chocolate of course.)

Though I’ve only tried one of her bars, I am excited to try out the other options she has on her ETSY! Thanks Vegan Burd for making these great products available.

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