There is no official national standard, but we recommend you take…
    ALA : 2350mg
    DHA/EPA: 650mg

    The fatty acid. Don’t fear the fat, this polyunsaturated fat has many health benefits that are essential to keeping a healthy bod. Omega 3 provides anti-inflammatory qualities, brain health, energy, cell activity, eye function, mood balance, cardiovascular, skin and hair health.


      The most common of the three. This one is essential for energy and can be found via:
      Flaxseed – is best consumed ground for easy absorption and has a balanced ratio of Omega 3 and Omega 6.
      Chia & Hemp seeds – Both great sources of ALA and are also complete proteins!
      Leafy greens
      Soy beans

      (docosahexaenoic acid)

      Key for brain development, visual functions, inflammation, cardiovascular functions.

      (eicosapentaenoic acid)

      Aids your cardiovascular function and has anti-inflammatory qualities also.


      Fish oil is now multi-billion pound industry. No wonder it is the “best way” to consume omega-3. However these essential fatty acids are available in vegan food. Vegan sources of DHA + EPA are less abundant, but are still attainable!

      Seafood is high in DHA & EPA, only because they eat plants! So instead of consuming our omegas through a secondary source, vegans can cut out the cruelty and eat it directly in the form of seaweed.
      There are lots of different types of seaweed including, wakame, kombu, dulse and nori, which is super budget friendly when bought in Asian supermarkets. So maybe it’s time to explore some Japanese cuisine.

      Not so keen on sushi or seaweed salad? There’s always supplements like Algal Oil that can provide you with the fatty acids instead. Here at hungry herbivores we strongly believe in consuming whole foods over supplements, as it is much funner to explore food. But, we will take a tablet if it’s better for our health, the environment and the animal kingdom. If it is really you only option, then it’s better to get the nutrients than not.

      Take a look at our recipes & see how you can incorporate the healthy fat into your meals…