For adults: 700mg
    For Children: 800mg 

    Calcium? Cow’s milk right? Luckily for vegans, we don’t have to feed our human bodies that is designed for calves, instead there are plenty of cruelty free alternatives. Obviously, calcium is essential for bone growth and healthy teeth, as well as regulating your muscle contractions. I’d recommend reading on to find sources of vegan calcium to prevent the risk of rickets and osteoporosis too.

    It is ingrained in our society that cow’s milk is the easiest, healthiest and best way of providing your body with calcium. This is not only a cruel way of sourcing calcium, which can be found so easily through other sources, but also comes with the baggage of saturated fats, cholesterol and not to mention the approximate 65% of humans who are believed to have be lactose intolerant.

    Instead, we have a vast array of foods that can absorb calcium much easier including: leafy greens (kale, cabbage, parsley, rocket), oranges, broccoli, chickpeas, nuts, black eyed beans and even some lovely vegan companies like to shove some fortified calcium in our non-dairy milks. Thanks guys.

    For the adults, the recommended daily intake is 700mg, which could be a cup of cooked kale, 2tbsp almond butter and 2tbsp blackstrap molasses, which has an incredible 400mg of calcium hidden inside it. For the kiddies, add another instant pack of oatmeal (100mg).

    Do be wary, if you’re eating more than 1500mg of calcium a day, you’re at risk of shitting yourself apparently. Don’t go crazy on that kale.

    Vitamin D goes hand in hand with calcium, so to ensure you’re absorbing calcium at its highest potential combine with vegan vitamin D sources. Also, chill on the caffeine guys, not only can it reduce the absorption of calcium, but it also has the same effect with iron!

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