0-3 – 0.8mcg
    4-8 – 1.2mcg
    9-13 – 1.8mcg
    14+ – 2.4mcg
    Pregnant women – 2.6mcg
    Breastfeeding women – 2.8mcg


    Probably the most discussed deficiency when it comes to the vegan diet. Lack of B12 can cause anaemia due to the body producing abnormally large red blood cells without the vitamin. B12 keeps the nervous system functioning and dismissing the vitamin can lead to possible effects such as: tiredness, muscle weakness, mouth ulcers or even psychological problems.

    Getting enough B12 just requires a little forward thinking on vegan’s behalf. There are many brands that fortify everyday food with B12 like non-dairy milks, yoghurts, cereals and nutritional yeast flakes. Yeast flakes are The hungry herbivores favourite, not only is it sooo good for you, but it adds the much desired cheesey taste, without the bad fats and cholesterol.
    Additionally, there are many vegan B12 supplements out there if you’re worried about your intake. Yet, all is needed for an adult per day is less than one tablespoon of nutritional yeast flakes.

    Take a look at how we use vegan sources of B12 in our recipes…