Mug Cake: White Chocolate + Raspberry

Dillon is very much into being vegan on a budget (as well as minimal effort & time.) It’s fair to say a lot of busy people out there are into that too! I’m the unusual one and prefers to get home from a busy day and start chopping, sautéing, baking, frying before I start eating. However, mug cakes are my new favourite thing. You can make it from scratch yourself and invent your own flavour, yet they literally only take a few minutes – both of the herbivores satisfied.

This week we have Vegan Vivani White Nougat Crisp chocolate (my fave) & raspberry mug cake.  It’s a super simple recipe for a easy lazy day munch up.
This beauty is a single serve cup of cake that is best eaten warm, with the lovely choc all melted and beautiful inside! Mug cakes, since they are microwaved, tend to become hard and dry if left; so get munching after 90 sec in your microwave!

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