Guide to Tomatoes

What is a tomato? 
A fruit! I admit, when i think of fruit i think of something deliciously sweet that i’d put on top of my morning oats… I wouldn’t do that with a tomato. Or a lemon. So i suppose it’s not too odd that it’s a fruit.They originate from South America but now you can find tomatoes being grown and harvested year round, all over the globe. Which is great news for us humans, as we simply cannot wait for fruit and veg to be in season! Even though they taste 100% better and are totally worth the wait.

What nutrients are hiding inside?
Did you know that 1 regular sized tomato can contain 40% of your daily vitamin C requirement?

That alone is enough persuasion to add them to your weekly shop, surely? They are also a good source of vitamin K if you’re not into your dark green vegetables. They are also high in vitamin A, B6, folate, thiamin, potassium, magnesium, phosphorous and copper.

How can you get them into your diet?
These are probably one of the easiest fruits to integrate into your diet. If you haven’t already, where have you been living? Tomatoes are a perfect base for recipes, like tomato pasta, one of the simplest recipes out there. Personally I like a good old fashioned vegan cheese and tomato sandwich. Rosie has a slightly more expensive taste palate than I, she’s more of a bruschetta type of girl.

Kinds of tomatoes
When it comes to appearance, tomatoes aren’t prejudice. They come in a variety of size and colours. There are black, purple, yellow, green, orange and of course red. Some of the most interesting tomato varieties are:

  • Green Zebra
  • Mortgage Lifter
  • Cherokee Purple
  • Brandywine
  • Mr Stripey

Yeah… we don’t know who named these either. Maybe the gardeners were also into growing certain mushrooms.

So in summary, tomatoes are great at boosting your immune system. Extremely high in antioxidants. A great boost of vitamins and minerals. They do wonders for your insides, such as kidneys and bladder issues. But most importantly, a reasonably cheap and easy way to filter good whole food into your diet!

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