Guide To Tofu

So what is Tofu? Tofu is soybean curd, which is produced by grinding soybeans to form a milky substance then compressed to and left to coagulate. After the mass has dried into a gelatinous solid, it is cut into shape. Since soybeans are usually cheap and high in protein it’s is regularly knowns as the “poor man’s protein”. Of course is a massive benefit to our pockets, but also is a go-to argument against “being healthy/vegan is too expensive.” 
But Why should I eat it? Firstly, consuming tofu regularly helps to lower cholesterol, lowers the risk of cancer, great for strengthening bones, a good source of Calcium and Vitamin E, it lower risk of heart disease. If the benefits to your insides aren’t swaying you to eat your soy then maybe tofu’s beauty benefits might! Tofu is said to help fight against aging skin, while it feeds the keratin proteins of your hair, giving you a nice thick & healthy mane.

What to do with tofu? We love tofu because it’s so diverse. Yes, I understand eating as it comes is a bit dull, but it makes an incredible base you can flavour however you want. Tofu can be a great meat, egg or even dairy substitute. It can be bakes, fried, barbequed, scrambled, blended and even be integral to sweet desserts. For more tofu inspiration take a look at our recipes below.

The tofu debate. Tofu is generally not a fermented soy product, which reduces the absorption of certain nutrients. This is often the reason people avoid tofu, instead choosing more nutritionally-rich fermented soy products. Yet lacking in nutrition and benefits tofu is not, we therefore think tofu is an important part of our vegan diet, not only for goodness to our body but for yumminess and convenience.
Heard of “tofu negatively effects your hormone levels and increases oestrogen” ? This is a misconception. Soy, what Tofu is made from, contains phytoestrogen… not oestrogen. If tofu indeed contained oestrogen, we would see a lot more men staring down at their cleavage rather than at their phone.
Some soy studies have shown to have effects on men, including sexal health body disfunctions, however soy is safe so long as you don’t eat 3 blocks a day.

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