Glastonbury Vegan Munch Up

If you’ve ever been to Glastonbury, you’ll know there’s nowhere else like it. Glastonbury is in the West of England and is a magical town, with a massive pagan influence, which is visible immediately when walking through the high street. You might know the town for its famous Festival, Tor, Abbey or merely its spirituality. Witchcraft is rife here, so muggles beware, there is spell casting and potion making in every corner, but the magical mischief that interested me most on this visit was Herbology. Ok, Harry Potter referencing aside here, I genuinely got quite into my reading of medicinal herbs and food that can naturally heal you. After all, our pharmaceuticals would be nothing without the basis of natural remedies. The human race once relied on herbs, roots, leaves and foods to heal their physical downfalls, which in my opinion is better than popping some pills. With my findings I set off to the local herbal apothecary (as you do) and bought myself a few grams of Angelica Root (to balance my menstrual cycle) & Lavender (to soothe anxiety). It’s amazing what plants can do and just goes to show that plant-based living is achievable, which is also the view of many living in Glastonbury. Along with the spiritual lifestyle comes the cliché of veganism, a cliché that is often true and i’m not opposed to either.

The first café, which is also bang on with its plant-based health benefits through food is Excalibur café. Excalibur will be your vegan go to in Glastonbury. The fully vegan menu is filled with creative vegan dishes and drinks. Go as super as you like here with chaga, reshi, matcha and you name it on the menu – there’s something to suit everyone. I can vouch for the Turmeric Chocolate!
To go with your dairy-free beverage are some gorgeous baked and raw cakes, stocking Liberty Loves moreish treats!
Not only does Excalibur have serve up food for you present hungry bellies, but also has some homemade goodness for you to take home. Excalibur has a steady supply of assorted fermented kombocha/elixirs and sauerkrauts, which do wonders for your digestion.

Excalibur is a nice contrast to the other dimly lit, mysterious shops on Glastonbury high street, the witchcraft and potions must happen out back in their cauldrons that make the kimchi and kombucha.   Make sure you give this place a try the décor is beautiful, the people are super friendly and their concept is great. I’ll be back for sure.

Veganism in Glastonbury doesn’t stop at Excalibur, there is a huge wholefoods shop. Earthfare is filled with awesome vegan treats, pantry add-on’s and zero waste/eco friendly homeware. Also, there is another little vegetarian café tucked away down an alley way called Rainbows End Café, which sells a mean stuffed aubergine along with vegan mezzes. Best for a cosy lunch!

Trouping down the high street, I also came across Hundred Monkeys Cafe, which does serve meat, but has a great selection of vegan food. The food here is gorgeous and has frequent menu changes and Vegan specials. If you’re staying around the area, this is a very popular spot for dinner, so make sure to book!

Make sure you check out the amazing, vegan spots in Glastonbury next time you’re in the West. Let me know in the comments if you do!

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  1. Love the blog, Rosie. I think that I would also love Glastonbury and all the vegan food. As English was my major in college (emphasis on Shakespeare ), I love all things Anglophile.😊 I am newly vegan and always looking for new recipes and good info. Thanks for all the posts.

    • Hi Wendy. Awesome! I’m glad you’ve found me and you like the blog. That’s great to hear you’ve gone Vegan, do message me if you wanted any advice etc! Enjoy the recipes/posts x

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