Eden Perfumes Review | Brighton

You don’t have to walk very far down one street in Brighton to find a vegan option or even a fully vegetarian café. For someone from Portsmouth and a massive foodie, that’s pretty exciting.
However, the vegan lifestyle doesn’t stop at food. Slowly veganizing your lifestyle can take time and can be a challenge, especially when most of the world isn’t as bothered about ethical living as you are. A lot of people don’t realise that veganism also includes products we use in day to day life ie: clothing, cleaning products & cosmetics. Unfortunately, many mainstream brands continue to use animal derivatives and often test products on animals. This is a hurdle that I often fall at, as well as many others. For cosmetics, it’s often not clear whether the product is vegan and cruelty-free since there are no legal requirements for this labelling, which has caused me such great frustration in the past. Most people just don’t have the time to investigate these small details that come with a fully vegan lifestyle, but small steps are what makes the difference. Another small step I have taken towards filling my life with cruelty-free products and funding forward thinking, ethical and independent business’ is through perfume!

Walking through Brighton Lanes, I was drawn in by the lovely smells, interesting potion-like bottles on the wall and the vegan trademark proudly printed onto the shop window. Finding Eden Perfumes was the highlight of my Brighton trip. I spent at least half an hour testing all of the gorgeous fragrances before settling for 492, which has delicious tones of Mexican chocolate – how could I resist? If you wanted to check out what fragrance I have been wearing religiously, take a look!
I find that these type of products are way over my budget, which forces me into a frustrating circle of ethics, time and money. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see how affordable these amazing fragrances are, especially in comparison to high-street perfumes. You even get money off for re-filling your previous bottle, saving some money and reducing waste!

Eden Perfumes can of course be found in Brighton, but also through there online shop. I hope that these cruelty-free perfumes excite you as much as they did me. I can’t recommend these beautiful smelling scents enough – there really is something for everyone, male, female or other! Check it out

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