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Another year gone already. It’s been a crazy one. Although not half as many of my favourite public figures died this year as oppose to last (David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Prince,) the world has begun to look much more scary. What helps me through the scary thoughts of my future is food! Genuinely! The thought of food is exciting, cooking is therapeutic and eating is simple delightful – when it goes right that is.

Hopefully, I have kept your mouths watering, foodie ideas flowing and bellies satisfied throughout 2017, since that’s what i’m here for. The Hungry Herbivores has really found its feet this year, bring to you tasty vegan recipes for everyone. I love to share ethical recipes with you that I found too good to keep to myself and I also love to hear your positive feedback about the food filled content I create. I am so grateful for your support and viewership throughout the year and I am definitely going to be bringing you new, innovative vegan and food-based blog content through the next.

Personally, 2017 has been a massive life-change for me. I spent the first half of the year fundraising and volunteering in Nepal. This crazy experience helped me develop as a person, finding new things about myself, while also making massive changes to less affluent peoples lives in the village I volunteered in. You might not have even noticed I was gone, since I worked my butt off to create 3 months of blog content before I left and scheduled it ALL for while I was in the small town Kaliban with no internet at all! Since returning back to England in September, it’s been a bit of a rocky path. Yet I do feel the happiest I have ever been. I have re-discovered the importance of friends and have managed to let go of the never-ending nagging of “progression”. What does it matter what career i’m in or that i’m not earning £20,000 plus? So long as I am happy and thriving, I am able to live my best life. This is my advice for you for 2018. Live for the now!

Back to food! There have been some exciting rise in veganism in 2017, with The Hungry Herbivores contributing to that tasty pile. Everyone has different taste buds, but here’s my favourites of 2017:

Fillet-O-Fishless Burgers
Juicy artichoke based burger that imitates flaky fish perfectly, breaded and fried for a crispy coating. Major step up from McD’s processed fillet-o-fish.

Creamy Beetroot & Dill Linguine
Beetroot & roasted garlic creamy sauce and fragrant dill, mixed with linguine ribbons. Perfect, vibrant pink main to impress your loved one on Valentines or just for a super tasty dinner.Check out this top pasta recipe of 2017

Coffee & Hazelnut Loaf Cake with Caramel Frosting
Time to indulge! Rich coffee cake embedded with crunchy hazelnuts, topped off with a simple date caramel frosting. Vegan & gluten-free goodness. One of the most popular cakes of 2017 – try out the recipe and see why!

Artichoke Fritters with Dill Mayo Dip
This recipe boomed as soon as it hit the internet. Hardly surprising, just look at it! Super easy, quick side to serve up with your meal. Juicy artichoke fritters served with a dill Veganaise mayo. Artichokes are a great fishy flavour and texture, as seen in my Fillet-O-Fishless burgers! Try out the recipe!

Low-Carb Pumpkin Lasagne
This recipe is one of my sponsored Vitamix posts. The flavour combinations in this hearty, healthy dinner dish are incredible. Seasonal garlicky pumpkin sauce and basil cashew cheese sauce layered with ribbons of zucchini—a tasty plant-based twist on the Italian favourite! Try out the top-rated any day dinner dish!

Almond Butter & Cranberry Fudge
A recent Herbivore favourite. This fudge was a 2017 Christmas recipe, but fit for anytime of year. Sink your teeth into this creamy almond butter fudge, embellished with festive dried cranberries and whole almonds. Perfect indulgent for you or as a gift without the fat-ridden bad bits!

Raw Gingerbread Tiramisu
Another Vitamix sponsored post! That machine produces wonders, I tell you now! This was another Christmas recipe that couldn’t be left out of the best bits. It’s a wholesome and healthy dessert that i’d happily tuck into any time of year. Traditional Italian dessert with a spicy twist! Indulgent yet guilt-free Christmas dessert made with layers of gingerbread raw “sponge”, creamy cashew cream and topped with fluffy whipped coconut.

Maple Pecan Sweet Potato Pie
This pie was one of may favourites of 2017. My belly surely appreciated this for dinner. Have you tired this one yet? A delicious combination of the British Shepard’s pie and the American Sweet Potato casserole. Juicy tomato, vegan mince filling topped with creamy sweet potato and smoky maple pecans for dinner! And that’s a wrap for a selection of the best recipes from The Hungry Herbivores!

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