Being Vegan in Birmingham | The Warehouse Cafe

December has been a busy month of travelling around various places in England for me. Not for any other reason but to explore and satisfy my itchy travellers feet. Some of these places were more vegan-friendly than others, one of the good ones was Birmingham! Turns out being vegan in Birmingham is pretty damn good!

Coming from a city which doesn’t even have a vegetarian restaurant in it, I always feel spoilt when I turn up somewhere with several. Being indecisive as well, it can be potentially problematic for me to actually pick which one to go to due to my fear of food envy- it’s a thing. Luckily, this time around I was heading up to Birmingham on a very long coach ride to meet my best friend, who is literally better than me at hunting out the best vegan spots. She guided me down the side roads of Birmingham – yes it looked like the Peaky Blinders set – to The Warehouse Café. Arriving here with an unfed, rumbling belly was slightly overwhelming to say the least. The entire menu and specials board looked incredible, the decision was a stressful one. The menu at The Warehouse Café is fully-vegetarian with a good majority being vegan. Dying to eat my Katsu Curry special and to try my friend’s vegan Christmas special, I managed to snap some glorious photos of the food. Of course, this photo shoot lasted a matter of seconds before it had to be destroyed.

The presentation of our dishes (plus all the other ones I was spying at) was absolutely divine. The menu itself had been constructed very well with amazing flavours in mind. There has been a massive rise in Vegan junk food restaurants and eateries, which is no way a bad thing, but it’s definitely a good change to have a sophisticated vegan meal. The Warehouse Café offers wholesome food with gluten-free and raw options too.

Dessert is easily forgotten and often dismissed due to bloated bellies. However, we were persuaded by the waiter to share a warm pecan pie and dairy-free ice cream. He didn’t have to try very hard.
I can confirm that the desserts are just as good as the mains.

The popular Warehouse Café is definitely a must visit if you find yourself in Birmingham – vegan or not, the food is fab!

Other places I came across in Birmingham is the fully vegan 3 Three’s Coffee Lounge, which serves a selection of “grab-and-go” food and indulgent vegan cakes, as well as Not Dogs, located in the city shopping centre. Stop of here for a vegan junk-food hot dog munch up!

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