She is Rosie. He is Dillon. We are a vegan couple that essentially revolve both our day -to-day life and our relationship around what food activity is next. So it’s safe to say, we loooooove our food.

We are both proud to be a part of the fast growing vegan community. Being able to combine a love for food and compassion for animals has become our passion that we want to share. For veggies and non-veggies alike, we want to create and share our tips and recipes on vegan food that fall short of the quite false stereotype of a vegan salad-leaf diet. Exploring with food is exciting, and here on The Hungry Herbivores blog, we want to encourage and inspire you to play with the amazing flavours and textures you can find in a vegan diet – no matter your budget, experience or food preference. Our vision is to provide a vast range of recipes to satisfy all individuals’ taste-buds, using a variety of ingredients such as: raw wholefoods, gluten-free friendly foods and/or budget yummies.

We like to know here on The Hungry Herbivores what we put into our bellies, (and if you’re a vegan/veggie, i’m sure you’ve noticed everyone else is incredibly intrigued *cough* critical *cough* of that you’re putting in there too.) Just for your pleasure and to satisfy the “where do you get your proteins” questions, we’ll be here to tell you about vegan nutrition and how damn good you’re bodies are feeling after eating up each scrap of our recipes.